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You and Me

March 14, 2017

I feel like I’m 12-years-old again –

Giddy, and walking on air.

How could a man as plain as me

End up with a woman so rare?


You say I’m just being mushy,

But you’re to blame, you see,

For long before you came along

I was 100 percent mush-free.


I can’t get enough of the two of us.

Every thought that I think is of you.

I’m not sure how long you will love me,

But I hope you forever will do.


I’m happier now than I’ve ever been –

As far back as I can remember.

And it’s all been happening so fast,

These four months since middle November.


I hope our relationship grows and grows

For years and years to come –

Regardless of silly, little fights we have,

And everything else we’ll overcome.


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