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I’m Not Going Anywhere

January 19, 2017

If you’re feeling fat or ugly,

I’ll tell you that you’re neither.

If you tell me that you’re stupid,

I’ll say you’re not that either


If you ever need some milk,

Or some eggs, or bread from the store,

I’ll stop there on my way home.

It’s really not a chore.


If your head is feeling achy,

Or your shoulders are in pain,

Lean back and let me rub them,

And let your tensions drain.


If I hear you mention something,

Just any little thing you want,

I’ll go right out and get it,

And then be nonchalant.


If you puke for any reason,

I’ll be there to hold your hair.

Through the storms of any season,

I’m not going anywhere.


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  1. Susan Doll permalink

    I would say “throw up” instead of “puke.” It’s softer, less visceral. You don’t want to lessen the sweetness of the poem with a word that has a disgusting connotation. Just a thought.

  2. That’s actually one of the reasons I put it in there. Life gets ugly sometimes, and often with couples. So, through the ugly things, I’ll still be there. The other reason I put it in there was to get a laugh. More than one person told me they laughed because they had never read the word “puke” in a poem before. Mission accomplished!

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