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May 18, 2016

I once had the sheer audacity

To swear off of telling all lies.

Far too often my mendacity

Was ruined by my too honest eyes.


When asked for my honest opinion,

I would often give the reverse.

My eyes, not under my dominion,

Made my dishonesty worse.


So I decided to speak only truth,

And damn any bad consequences,

Though honesty’s sometimes uncouth,

I never had to run for the fences.


Though sometimes the truth hurts a bit,

I never incurred any wrath.

Who can hate that a man will admit

His true feelings, and defy aftermath?


I got out of doing things annoying,

I could be lazy and freely admit it.

I stopped doing what I wasn’t enjoying

If I didn’t like something, I quit it.


My new life was going quite splendidly.

Honesty was such utter bliss,

Until my loved one did ask me,

“Honey, do I look fat in this?”


“Honesty is the best policy”,

Or so I have often heard said.

But honesty was revealed as sheer idiocy,

When she beat me about my head.



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