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March 28, 2016

His hands were shaking.

His heart was pounding.

His sense of fear was all-surrounding.


She looked at him,

And his pulse just raced,

Not a sign of a backbone could even be traced.


He wanted to speak,

But he just couldn’t.

With the thoughts on his mind he probably shouldn’t.


To rescue himself

From the pain of “No”,

He’d subject himself to constant woe.


It was his own fault

That he couldn’t speak.

“It’s all in your head” was his constant critique.


He decided to do

The unspeakable act:

He’d talk to her, and hope she’d talk back.


He did however,

Have a condition;

He must be alone with his soul’s ambition.


“No one must see”,

He thought like a fool.

He worried rejection from her might be cruel.


He waited until

No one was around.

He crept up to her, making nary a sound.


She smiled at him.

He soared like a jet.

Her smile was as beautiful as beautiful can get.


He just walked away,

Firm in his belief,

“It’s all in your head. You cause your own grief.”


Will he try again?

Maybe. Not sure.

But first, for his cowardice, he must find a cure.



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