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My Dream from Last Night (3/7/2016)

March 7, 2016

I don’t often remember my dreams, but sometimes, when I get several hours of sleep, I remember an occasional one. Last night was one of those occasions.

In this dream I was going to a party, though I don’t know for whom or for what the party was being thrown. I walked around the right corner of a small house, down a garden path, to an open backyard, where I found a very large gathering of people over a wide expanse overlooking a river. This was one huge backyard! Or was it? I turned to my left to see a series of long lines, each dozens of people deep. They were lined up to buy drinks, I thought. It was a party, after all. I continued walking forward to get closer to the riverbank.

Then I realized that these people were not lined up to buy drinks at all. They were lined up for tickets…train tickets. Each line was at a different ticket window, and each ticket was not for a destination, but for a date, or for an event. The first ticket window’s sign read “Today March 7th”, the next ticket window’s sign read “Easter”, and so on and so on, one right after the other; each sign a different date or event.

I began walking past all of these long lines of people, still dozens deep each, to see how many dates or events were covered, until I saw the beautiful face of a woman I recognized. I went up to her, touched her on the arm and said “Hello”. She didn’t feel me touch her arm, nor did she hear me say “Hello”, but instead began talking to a man whose face was familiar, but I couldn’t place. I continued on.

I then came to a ticket window that, unlike all of the rest, had no one in line. There was a line of people at the window to the left, and a line of people at the window to the right, but there was no one at this particular ticket window. The sign above it read “Rob’s birthday”.

All of a sudden, this bizarre train station was completely deserted, except for me. I stood there alone, with only pieces of paper blowing in the wind as company. Then I woke up.


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