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I Shouldn’t

August 5, 2015

I shouldn’t feel a tremble

If you gently brush my arm.

There’s no reason that your slightest touch

Should cause me such alarm.


The only explanation

That is possible, I fear,

I’m falling deep in love with you,

And long to have you near.


My glances have grown longer,

And now qualify as stares.

I extend our conversations,

‘Cause my heart for you despairs.


I think of silly problems

So I’ll have to contact you.

You may have noticed lately

There have been more than a few.


I lose my concentration

And can hardly get work done,

I’m up late thinking of us;

How we’d be in the long run.


I couldn’t see this coming.

I never wanted it to be.

But it’s useless and I’m hopeless,

I only hope that you’ll agree.


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