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Your Life With Me

July 16, 2015

Your life would have been very different,

But better? I don’t think I can say.

I know mine would have been so much better

In every imaginable way.

Waking up next to you daily

After falling asleep at your side,

Would have made me a most happy husband,

And hopefully you a most happy bride.

Our kids would have looked like their mother

In the ideal scenario for me.

In the off chance they looked like their father

I’d still love them unconditionally.

I don’t know if we would have had money.

To this day I’m not wealthy at all.

But your drive and ambition might have pushed me

To dream bigger and stay on the ball.

We wouldn’t be traveling as often

As you are now so accustomed to doing.

I really don’t care for long travels,

So travel I would mostly be eschewing.

Our house might not be quite as lovely

As the one in which you do now reside.

A smaller home in a less fancy locale

Might be something you’d have to abide.

Our cars might be less than brand new.

Our shoes might have to last longer.

I’m not very handy with repairing things.

My handyman skills could be stronger.

I still haven’t mastered the grill yet,

So our holiday meals just might suffer.

Of course I would try to do better

To prevent our steaks from getting tougher.

And of course there’s the fact I don’t drink.

A deal breaker in so many cases.

You’d always feel compelled to explain me

To all of your friends’ jaw-dropped faces.

And I hear drinking alone is no good.

In fact, I find it quite sad,

So I’d hate for you to limit your fun

For the tee-totaling problem I had.

Yes, your life would just be too different.

Probably worse, and maybe no better.

Although mine would be better improved

In every way, right down to the letter.


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