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The Single Life

June 20, 2014

I used to want love.

I used to want marriage.

I used to want to push

My kid’s baby carriage.


But all that has changed.

They’re not what I want.

My attitude now

Is quite nonchalant.


I do not want kids.

I don’t even want pets.

Both things would add

To my dwindling debts.


I like flying solo.

I want to be alone.

I answer to no one.

My time is my own.


I’m set in my ways

And old now, to boot.

I’m so old that some

Call me “cranky old coot”.


That’s fine, ‘cause I’m happy

Just being with me,

Self-centered, self-absorbed,

Self-obsessed though I be.


So have fun with your kids,

With your husband or wife.

I love being single:

My preferred way of life.


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