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Deb at the Pond

June 14, 2014

So I took Deb out back to go potty. She always tries to get as close to the pond as possible. Normally, I try to keep her away from the pond in case it’s too muddy or in case she tries to go tromping around in the water. Well, today I let her get about 5 feet from the pond, but then I saw what she was seeing and why I was having a hard time pulling her back. There was a turtle floating close to the shore. Then I saw another one close by that one. Then I looked out a little further and saw another turtle, and then another, and then another. There were at least 8 turtles converging to this spot on shore right in front of us, all from different areas of the pond. I kept seeing the turtles’ heads just barely breaking the water’s surface, gliding along towards this same spot. Then, they started to come ashore. First, two made landfall, but they kept back, just out of the water. Then a couple more came ashore. Then they began to line up, side by side, and started walking towards us, like a row of zombies slowly walking towards fresh meat. Deb was just back on her haunches, calmly watching this sluggish, reptilian promenade, until they reached within two feet of her. I had a tight hold on the leash, but she lunged forward, and I swear I didn’t know turtles could move that fast! Before I could bat an eye those turtles were back in that water, paddling their hearts out for another part of the shore. Mean Deb.


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