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The Great Jacksonville Fish and Chips Expedition- Day 3: O’Brothers Irish Pub in Riverside

June 2, 2014

We arrived at O’Brothers in celebration of the birthday of my best friend, Ron Hubbard. Also in attendance were Tiffany Manning, Tim Rahn, Briehn Wildman, and Tiffany’s daughter, Madi. Upon our arrival we were surprised and happy to learn it was trivia night. We won, so it was a happy birthday for Ron.

My fish came out in three similar looking strips. This is a sign that they may have been pre-packaged, but I’m sure they’re not the only ones among the many I will try. They were a beautiful golden brown and were sprinkled with a light amount of parsley.

I took the first bite of the fish and it was very good. The cod was firm, yet moist. There was some seasoning in the batter, so this fish was not bland. It had hints of pepper, salt, and garlic. Again, fish and chips do not have to be bland.

The batter was denser than the others I have so far tried. This allowed the fish to stay together without falling apart all over the plate. This dense batter meant that it had a nice crunch as well.

The fries were golden brown, with some skin on them and were visibly seasoned with salt and pepper. They may have been peeled and cut on-site, but I don’t know for certain. I was so busy kicking ass in trivia that I lost track of my fries and forgot to analyze them closely. Overall though, the fish and chips at O’Brothers was very good.

Tim paid for dinner for all of us so I didn’t make note of the price at the time, but the website says their fish and chips is $13.95 for the dinner size. Along with their very good burgers, O’Brothers is an inexpensive and nice place to dine in Riverside.

Rating – 4 out of 5 Gills




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