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My review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 3, 2014
The best thing about The Amazing Spider-Man 2- I saw it for free.

The worst thing about The Amazing Spider-Man 2- The movie itself.

Okay, first, there are a few good things about the movie: The second scene in the movie is pretty good. Spidey pursues a thief in a big rig. That scene is a little exciting and fun. It’s almost like a scene from one of the comic books. The Spidey costume looks good this time, more like the comic book costume than any previous version. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy still looks the part, including the way she dresses. Sally Field is fine as Aunt May, there’s just not enough of her. Andrew Garfield is good as Spidey in the costume. His Peter Parker is better this time too. Paul Giamatti chews up the scenery as the aforementioned thief in the big rig. I would have liked to have seen more of him, and without that Rhino armor. Hopefully they will correct that nonsense for the next one.

Now, the bad: Oy…….Though Peter and Gwen have good chemistry, their scenes together seem like they’re from a totally different movie. In fact, the whole movie seems disjointed, like things were tacked on, as if they felt they had to add stuff to set up for….The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Now, I don’t mind a cliffhanger ending, but when the entire movie feels like it’s prepping for the next one, it seems like they could have concentrated more on the story (stories) at hand. This movie suffers from the same problem as Spider-Man 3. They tried to cram too much in. And due to the cramming, things get shortchanged. The Peter/Harry relationship seems forced and phony. Harry’s buildup to becoming the Green Goblin seems phony as well. We were robbed of the real Green Goblin as Norman Osborn only has one scene before he dies from some long-term disease (That’s not a spoiler). The original movies handled the Norman/Harry relationship much better. The mystery about Peter’s parents, which I never gave a crap about in the comics, or in the previous movie, drags the movie down a bit as well. In fact, the first scene in the movie basically turns Peter’s parents into the spies they were in the comic books as they take on a murderous corporate spy. The fact that his father’s actions are in part the cause of Peter becoming Spider-Man irritates me. In the comic books (originally), Peter was bitten by that spider just by chance. He happened to be the one standing where he was at that exact moment. These movies pretty much thumb their nose at that idea. I hate that. Electro in this movie is lame. Okay, the character’s costume was ALWAYS lame, but they make him an uber-dork and big Spidey fan who gets his powers in a lab accident, and then, through a misunderstanding, and some really bad music, decides he hates Spider-Man. Also, why would cops set up snipers for a headshot when someone hasn’t killed anyone and hasn’t even threatened to do so? Originally, Max Dillon was a cocky, a-hole power-worker who gained his powers through an electrical accident in the field, and then decided to use his powers for crime to get whatever he wanted. They should have stuck with that origin. What else sucked……? Oh yeah, that Rhino armor was terrible, “Spider-Kid”…oy…. Spider-Kid is this movie’s crane scene. All in all, this movie isn’t good and totally feels like a cash-grab. I went in expecting it to be bad, so it didn’t disappoint. That, and the fact that I didn’t pay to see it, made me dislike it less than the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, but that’s not saying much. I’m still holding out hope that this movie will tank and Sony will eventually lose the rights to Spidey. Fingers crossed…..


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