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On Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

April 29, 2014
“The NAACP was set to award Sterling the Lifetime Achievement Award this year, but says it will no longer do so due to the tape.” Ha ha! Well, I should say so. The guy seems to be a dirtbag, and is possibly a racist. There is prior evidence to support that charge. However, I have a couple of problems here: 1) He said what he said in private. He did not say what he said for public consumption. 2) He owns the team. How can his team, which he has owned since 1981, be taken away from him for something he said in private? If he had made these remarks publicly, as a representative of the Clippers, there might be more cause for some punishment. Since what he said was said in private, I don’t see how anything could or should be done. I don’t like the precedent this could set if he is punished, or if his team is taken away. Should we all be punished for things we say in privacy, in the confidence of people we think we can trust? Don’t go to the games. Don’t watch the games. Don’t buy Clippers merchandise. That’s all fine. But punish him for something he said in private? I don’t see how, or like the idea of it.

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