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My review of The Broadway Melody

April 28, 2014
Since I’ve never seen any other movie from 1929, I can’t say that any other movie should have won the Best Picture Oscar, but I probably would have voted another way. The Broadway Melody isn’t terrible really, especially by early talkie standards, but it’s not very good. It’s not totally without merit. Anita Page and Bessie Love are actually good in it. Some of the side characters are amusing. The songs are pretty good, probably because they were written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown. The male leads are not very good though. I don’t know if the story was clichĂ© back then, but I have seen many movies with similar stories done better. About half (or more) of Bing Crosby’s movies come to mind. There is a duo of entertainers, usually a singer/songwriter and a dancer, or two singer/songwriters, etc. who get mixed up in a love triangle while working on a show. Actually, the best thing on the DVD was the trailers for the follow-up Broadway Melody movies, because I got to see Eleanor Powell. As with Cimarron, if you’re not averse to early talkies, when moviemakers were just getting their feet wet in sound, give it a try, just as a curiosity. Meanwhile, I’m sure there were better movies released that year. Next up, the first western (and the last one to win for nearly 60 years) to win Best Picture, Cimarron, the Best Picture winner from 1931.

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