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Letter To My High School Class Upon Our 20th Anniversary- Terry Parker High School, Class of 1993

April 17, 2014

     Hi kids! It’s me, Rob Bush. My name in high school was Rob Bush. That hasn’t changed, but my appearance has. Remember that big Elvis hair I had in high school? It’s almost completely gone. I also weigh as much as two small women combined.

     Let’s see….After high school I began studying at FCCJ for Communications/Broadcasting. I was not too successful in college as higher mathematics are lost on me. Any class that did not involve mathematical equations or scientific theorems was completed with great enthusiasm and skill, but those mathy ones proved too great an impediment. Since my last class in 2004, an African-American History and Culture class in which I was one of only two white people, and the only Republican, I have not taken a class. However, I excelled in that class and in a college writing class, and in speech and history classes. In one history course I wrote a paper on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and received a 99. It would have been higher, but my margins were all wackadoo. In another history course, I received a 103 on a paper about D-Day. In speech, my speechwriting and public speaking skills were deemed so successful by the instructor, that I was allowed to skip the final exam. This made me both quite proud and embarrassed at the same time. With such glowing academic accolades I did exactly nothing. Thanks, math!

     Sometime during this era, I began writing awful country songs that I thought were good and sometimes shared with friends. After not gaining much traction with my country songwriting I moved on to other ventures.

     My loves of public speaking, writing and country music led me to get a job in radio at FM 99 WQIK in 1998. I made it to my own on-air slot sometime in 1999 and tried my hand at all sorts of wackiness on the all-too-dead Sunday morning airwaves. My approach and style were not looked upon by management, nor the listeners apparently, with any great enthusiasm and I was canned and replaced by a computer on January 1, 2002.

     I took a job with a local credit union in 2002, where I was known for my sarcasm and defiance of bureaucratic nonsense. Sometime during my tenure there, I embarked on my goal of being a best-selling children’s author. After writing some stories that I considered rather good, I took a class in children’s writing. I received often faint, but sometimes glowing support from my instructor and local yokels here in this ville and submitted some of my work to children’s literary agents and publications. After rejection upon rejection, I gave up writing for children, for the most part. Sometime after my admitted failure at that, the credit union came to their senses and fired me in 2011.

     After a short stint at Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, I began working at my current job with Tim Rahn and his father in Ponte Vedra. I have since taken up writing bad poetry, which may be found at and am attempting to write short stories for adults. I hope to one day publish something that someone may actually read and enjoy. Being paid for doing that would also be welcome.

     I have never been close to being married, nor do I have any children. I am perpetually single and am rather contented being that way. I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 and ½ half bath condo in A-Town with my roommate and her two dogs who are named after a fictitious serial killer and his little sister. Thanks for reading my rambling on and on!



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