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The Way

March 24, 2014

It’s been two weeks since last we met,

But some things I just can’t forget:

The way you smiled your stunning grin,

The way your mouth did curve within,


The way your eyes did dance with glee

When I walked in and you saw me,

The way you hugged and held me tight,

The way your touch did so excite,


The way you blushed when I teased about

The accent you can’t speak without,

The way you laughed, the way you smelled,

All the wonders that I beheld.


The way you insisted we should meet,

The way your lips were soft and sweet,

The way I can’t stop thinking of you,

The way I hope you’re thinking too.


I hope we’ll meet once more, then more,

I’ll see that face that I adore.

Then I hope that I’ll begin

To not forget again and again.


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