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March 13, 2014

Gun shots blazin’, cows be grazin’,

Think we’re in the Wild, Wild West?

Fool, we be in A-Town,

And A-Town is the best.


Urban sprawl has spread throughout,

Choking business dead.

Those gun shots might awaken you

While you’re sleepin’ in your bed.


Those stores we loved as little kids

Are now a rundown shack,

Another beauty supply store,

And a place for buying crack.


If meth is more to your liking,

This is the place for you.

Meth heads walk the streets by day

Tweeking in plain view.


Wanna play the Knockout Game?

Merrill Road’s the place.

If you’re not the one who’s Knockin’

You could end up on your face.


Terry Parker is the school

We graduated from.

Students there are lucky

If they’re not shot, or just dumb.


Dairy Queen’s still standing.

Taco Bell is too.

But the area’s gotten so bad

They closed Harley’s Rac N Cue.


If you spend plenty of time here

You’d better be packing heat.

You never know what’s going down

On any given street.


Those areas that aren’t quite bad yet

A-Town won’t disappoint.

Every part will be affected,

So look out, Charter Point!


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