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A Trip to the Zoo

December 6, 2013

The lions roared loudly.

The tigers roared too.

The hyenas all laughed

As I walked through the zoo.


The snakes were quite creepy.

They slithered and snaked.

The elephants were heavy.

The ground near them quaked.


The monkeys and chimps

All chattered and played.

While the zebras and rhinos

All stayed in the shade.


The crocs and the gators

Sunned on the banks

Of the pond where the otters

Swam and played pranks.


The hippos were there.

They were swimming as well

While the lowland gorillas

And baboons did yell.


The giraffes seemed quite hungry.

They ate from my hand.

The ostriches’ heads

Weren’t buried in sand.


The kangaroos, koalas,

And panda bears too

Seemed happy to be there,

Out in plain view.


My trip to the zoo

Was fun, that is true.

The next time I go

I want to go there with you.


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