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Seven Men from Now

March 28, 2013

     Seven Men from Now is a very personal movie for me. My dad was a big Randolph Scott fan and that was his absolute favorite Randolph Scott movie. He talked about it for years, but hadn’t seen it in probably 30 or 40 years by the time it came out on DVD. It was never available to rent or buy and was never on TV.

     It finally came out a few years ago and I got him a copy for Father’s Day the year before he died. By the time we were able to watch it together he couldn’t stay focused for more than 30 minutes at a time, but after hearing about it for so long it was worth it to finally be able to watch it with him. It’s a great movie. After he died, my mom gave the movie to me and I watch it on occasions when I get to missing him. I don’t bother recommending it to people. I don’t want to hear about how “boring” or “stupid” or “old” it is, or about how they “hate westerns”. I’d rather not have that shared experience sullied by people with poor taste.


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  1. Finally being able to share “Seven Men from Now” with your dad prior to his passing is a lovely thing. We bond over so many things in our relationships and movies are just as important as anything else. What we like and what we want to share says a lot about us.

  2. Annette Towler permalink

    I watched ‘Gladiator’ with my step-dad, just before he died. When my mum dies, I will watch The Sound of Music because its the first film she took me to watch. Its a corny Julie Andrews movie but I still love it. I totally understand your love of Seven Men from Now.

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