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Pizza Quest: Day 2- Tommy’s Brick Oven Pizza on Southside Blvd

October 8, 2012

      My mom and I drove to Tommy’s Brick Oven Pizza, just south of Beach Blvd on the service road, hungry after watching an unspectacular movie (Taken 2. Don’t bother). We walked in and the place was a little small. It almost looked like a small, trendy coffee shop. I read that this it what pizza shops look like in New York. All but one of the tables are set against a mirrored wall, with the remaining table being right by the window. There is also a small bar with some stools, placed so that you can see your pizza being made in the brick oven. We opted for a table.

     I ordered two slices of pepperoni pizza and Mom ordered two slices of cheese pizza. We each got a drink. I got Mug Root Beer. Score! Typically, Barq’s is the root beer option, which I don’t drink due to it having caffeine. The four individual slices cost $10.00 in total, which may seem kind of expensive, but my mom does not like pepperoni, so we weren’t going to save by ordering a whole pizza. The young lady who took our order said the slices were huge. We waited for hugeness.

     When our slices were brought to us, we witnessed hugeness. Had I a measuring stick on my person at the time I would have measured the slices but, they appeared to be about 10 inches long and maybe 5 or 6 inches wide. At first glance, I could see there wasn’t that much cheese on my slices. I suppose that is the New York way, but I like plenty of mozzarella on my pizza. Tommy’s has a unique way of making pepperoni pizza. They use a thin sheet of pepperoni that covers the surface of the pizza to the hilt of the crust. These aren’t individual sliced pieces of pepperoni. I’m not used to that, but I wasn’t bothered by it. The pepperoni layer is placed directly on top of the sauce, which is layered on thinly over the thin crust. There was some grease near the top of the slice where the pepperoni met the hilt of the crust. That is not a bad thing. Pizza is expected to be a little greasy. The cheese, though not abundant on my slices, was scattered on top of the pepperoni layer. Mom’s cheese pizza however, was loaded down with melted mozzarella.

     When I picked up my slice, I was surprised to find that the crust was still rigid and crisp, not soggy and limp. This is the benefit of using the brick oven, I’m guessing. I was able to hold and bite with one hand. My mom, on the other hand, almost always uses a knife and fork to eat her pizza. She did the same here until I teased her about it.

     That first bite was fantastic. That is key. I got the taste of the slightly spicy pepperoni, the slightly spicy, non-sweet sauce, that fresh, crispy crust and just a hint of the barely there cheese, and they all blended perfectly together in my mouth. After tasting the pizza, I didn’t miss the cheese too much. I didn’t put my slice down until I was done. It stayed nice and hot the entire time, and I didn’t burn my mouth once. I finished off the pepperoni covered section and got to the remaining crust and it was like a nice, crispy/crunchy snack. I could eat a box of just that crust. That’s how good it was. I’m certain it is made on site.

     We were both able to finish our slices, with the exception being Mom not able to finish off the crust from her second piece. I took care of that for her. We grabbed a couple of cannolis to go before we left. We ate them when we got back to her house. They were a blend of pistachio, chocolate chips and cream cheese and were sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were light and sweet and I wanted another one, but they were 20 minutes away.

     To summarize: The thin, crispy crust is fantastic, the sauce is not overpowering, the pepperoni has just the right amount of spice, the pepperoni pizza could use more cheese and the cannolis are very good. I am looking forward to paying Tommy’s another visit.



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  1. dave matthews permalink

    I knew you would enjoy it rob…We will have to go again.I miss the meatball sub there badly..It
    is that good!!!!

  2. Annette Towler permalink

    Sounds like a really place to eat some mouth-watering pizza. Glad you had a good time with your mom.

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