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Pudgie Breaks the Bank

October 4, 2012

Pudgie loved baseball,

To bat and to pitch.

He threw with his right arm,

While hitting he’d switch.


When sleeping all winter

He dreamed of one thing:

The most wonderful thing,

The training in spring.


He awoke one spring morning,

All ready to go.

He picked up his glove

And got ready to throw.


He ran out the door

“Now I’m ready… Oh no!”

He tugged at his glove,

But his glove would not go.


His paws, they had grown,

Through the long winter months

To prepare best for fishing

And honeycomb hunts,


But too big for the glove

He had owned for a year.

He yanked hard, off it came,

While complaining, “Oh dear!”


He said to his Papa,

“I need a new glove”.

Papa said, “Start dusting

The webs from above”.


“I can’t. I must practice.

The season will start.”

“Well, you won’t be playing

‘Til you do your part.”


“Save up your allowance

From doing your chores.

From mowing the lawn

And mopping the floors.”


“In the end you will thank me

For every last chore.

You’ll work for your glove

And cherish it more.”


“I’ll give you two things:

This old piggy bank

And this nickel to start.”

It fell in with a clank.


Pudgie felt angry

Due to Papa Bear’s law.

He just wanted a glove

That would fit on his paw.


But begrudgingly, Pudgie,

To get his new glove,

Picked up the broom

And gave it a shove.


He got out the dust rags,

Wiped everything clean,

He put dirty clothes

In the washing machine.


He trimmed all the hedges,

He mowed the front lawn,

He mowed the back lawn,

And so on and so on.


Four weeks had passed by

And his chores had been done.

He had checked off each item.

Yes, every last one.


His allowance now filled up

The small piggy bank.

He reached for the cork

And gave it a yank.


But then he thought, “Wait!

I’ve done something here.

I’ve worked and I’ve saved.

It felt like a year.”


“But I did it myself.

I earned what I got.”

And Pudgie felt proud;

This meant a whole lot.


He considered not spending

His newly earned money.

He told this to Papa.

Papa thought it quite funny.


“Do you see what I meant

About cherishing the glove?

You worked hard for your money.

Buy something you love.”


With that, Pudgie said,

“You’re right, Papa Bear.”

Then he grabbed his work hammer

And put the bank on the chair.


He lifted the hammer

And swung down with a thrust.

The piggy bank shattered

And turned into dust.


He gathered his money

And bought his new glove.

Paid for through hard work:

Pudgie’s labor of love.


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One Comment
  1. izzie permalink

    I love the power of love he got Bravo I like it 🙂

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