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October 2, 2012

1. I am a fairly decent whistler and have been complimented on my volume and ability.

2. My favorite teacher ever was my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Gionet (JEE OH NAY).

3. My all-time favorite baseball player is Hank Aaron.

4. My all-time favorite football player is Walter Payton.

5. I almost got in a bar fight once.

6. I hate drama.

7. I really do not like drunk people.

8. I hate dishonesty.

9. My favorite painter is Norman Rockwell.

10. I don’t drink anything with caffeine in it.

11. I drink water unless I go out.

12. If I go out, I become a social Sprite drinker. Other acceptable substitutes are root beer, lemonade and orange cream soda.

13. I have very dry hands.

14. I believe they got so dry from working in the frozen food section at Winn-Dixie and from opening cardboard boxes with my bare hands for so many years.

15. When I was younger I preferred older women. Now that I’m older, I prefer younger women. Go figure.

16. A woman once told me that I lived in a fantasy movie world to think that women that looked like her would go out with guys that looked like me. Funny thing is, she told me this as she was breaking up with me, after we dated for six weeks.

17. When I was about 10 years old I had a letter published in Boy’s Life magazine, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America.

18. Most of my closest friends are people that I didn’t like upon our first meeting. I feel first appearances only count in job interviews.

19. My first car was a 1988 Chevy Spectrum. It was kind of junky. The A/C died after about a year and a half and the ceiling leaked. It was mine though. I paid for it myself.

20. My favorite cereal is Franken-Berry.

21. I won the third grade poetry contest for Brotherhood Month. Brotherhood Month is now called Black History Month.

22. My college speech teacher felt that my speeches were so well-written and so well-given, that he actually allowed me to skip his final.

23. He addressed the class concerning the fact that I wouldn’t be taking the final by using a “Tortoise and the Hare” analogy. That made me very uncomfortable.

24. In 2004, I took an African-American History and Culture class. I was one of only two white people, and the only Republican. The teacher always singled me out for the opposing view on everything. EVERYTHING. ALL OF THE TIME. He was Nigerian, so the class came to know me as “Meester Boosh”.

25. I don’t think my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Inez Davis, ever knew my name. She only ever called me “Patrol Boy”.


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  1. izzie permalink

    mine favorite is Claude Monet to bad it over ::)

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