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The Great Jacksonvile Pizza Quest

September 30, 2012

      It may seem like a bad idea for a guy who is both lactose intolerant and allergic to wheat to even eat pizza, much less to go on a quest to find the best pizza in town. However, I love pizza. Again, just like the burgers on my Burger Quest, I am picky about what I eat on my pizza and like to keep it basic and simple. It is also easier to judge things evenly if I get the same topping at each place, so I will be ordering pepperoni pizza at each establishment, dine-in only, no delivery.

     The things I will be looking for are how fresh the pizza tastes, how it stays together, the size, the bargain and how it looks. Most important of all of these is the taste, of course. I received submissions for pizza joints all over Jacksonville with some being as far north as Fernandina and as far south as St. Augustine. There were 22 different restaurants mentioned in all. I will do my best to accommodate each and every one, but it will not be as quick as the Burger Quest for the reasons I mentioned in the opening. As much as I love pizza, it hates and disagrees with me and makes me sick. So, I hope you will join me on my quest to find the best pizza in the Jacksonville area on this: my PIZZA QUEST.


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