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25 Random, Useless, Unimportant Facts About Me IX: Tarzan and the Amazons

September 25, 2012

1. I love to see big American flags waving in the breeze. I think they’re beautiful.

2. I don’t mind helping friends move, but I do not like helping relatives move. Friends seem much more appreciative of the help.

3. I love animals, but I do not like having pets. I think having to walk them and clean up after them is a huge pain.

4. If I could meet any five living people, they would be, in this order: Clint Eastwood, George Strait, Hank Aaron, Stan Lee and Marisa Miller.

5. I hate the sound of barking dogs.

6. My least favorite smells are cigarette smoke, vinegar and cat urine.

7. I was lost in downtown New Orleans at night for three hours while trying to find my hotel. They do not have a very good system of street signage over there.

8. I once slow danced with a total stranger at a George Strait concert.

9. She asked me to go to a bar with her afterwards, but we had to drive straight home from Tallahassee after the concert. It’s okay though. I was more interested in her friend.

10. I once drove around a Ponte Vedra neighborhood for an hour looking for a Christmas party, but was never able to find the street. The street signs were made of wood and did not reflect light at all.

11. I have trouble finding places at night if I’ve never been to those places before.

12. I have really crappy eyesight.

13. When I was working at Winn-Dixie, well over 15 years ago, some random, strange woman whom I had never seen before (hence the “random, strange woman“ bit), told me “Damn, you sexy!”

14. I blushed, thanked her, and went along about my business.

15. I never saw that woman again.

16. I believe that Keynesian policies are not a good way to boost a down economy, and indeed, I believe they prolong recessions and depressions by greatly slowing down recovery.

17. My favorite beverage is orange juice, but the acid kills my stomach.

18. I am allergic to wheat and three different types of grass.

19. I hate leaving the house if I haven’t yet showered that day.

20. I hate urinals.

21. I’m slightly germaphobic.

22. I looked up “germaphobic”. It’s not a real word.

23. After Dad died, we had him cremated. He wanted to be thrown in the tide at Fernandina Beach. The whole family drove up to Fernandina Beach on a cold and windy winter’s night. I was elected to be the one to throw Dad’s ashes into the oncoming waves since I was the only son and because everybody else thought it was gross. The waves kept rushing to shore. The wind got stronger and stronger as I fought the incoming waves. I eventually mastered the art of dump and move back, dump and move back, but the wind blew the ashes back towards me and I got some Dad on my shoes.

24. I have probably stepped in dog poop more than any other person alive. For some reason, it is attracted to my feet. Wherever there is dog poop, my feet will find it. I have stepped in it with shoes on. I have stepped in it with my bare feet. Once, I even kneeled down into some in a friend’s backyard. I didn’t realize it until I stood back up. The fact that I do this so often keeps me humble.

25. Once, while in my high school weightlifting class (Yeah! Seriously!), the whole class gathered around me as I did one rep of 50 with 45 pounds while reciting the 50 states in alphabetical order. People were impressed for about 30 seconds.


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  1. Michelle Albritton permalink

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas. California , Colorado. Conneticut……\

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