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25 Random, Useless, Trivial Facts About Me VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

September 25, 2012

1. I am not a big fan of cheese and only eat certain cheeses on certain things.

2. I do not like green vegetables.

3. Except for cucumbers, romaine lettuce and green onions.

4. I am generally not attracted to redheads.

5. I prefer brunettes.

6. I do not have a particular favorite female body part. There is usually something to like about every woman.

7. I have every episode of I Love Lucy on DVD.

8. I got rid of all of my VHS tapes, with the exceptions being my Elvis and Disney movies.

9. I have never read The Holy Bible in its entirety, but if I were to do so, it would have to be the King James version.

10. I only buy Chevys.

11. I will only buy Chevys until either I die or Chevy dies.

12. When I was in preschool I had a crush on one of the college girls that was working there. Her name is long forgotten, but she had long brown hair. One day I found a feather behind the swing set and bent over to pick it up so that I could give it to her. As soon as I stood up some kid swung back really far on the swing and kicked me right in the eye. That was my first black eye.

13. When I was in fifth grade my parents bought me a really expensive pair of bifocals. One Saturday we went to the beach and they got washed away in the ocean. After that, they only bought me the cheapest glasses they could buy.

14. In third grade I had a huge crush on Kimmie Wheeler. As far as I know she never knew and I have been unable to find her on Facebook.

15. I fall asleep in church.

16. Christie Brinkley was my greatest love in the 1980’s. I had a poster of her in a bathing suit on my bedroom wall for 15 years.

17. I have been an Atlanta Braves fan for over 30 years.

18. I regret not having finished college. Yet.

19. I wrote a song for one of my best friends and his girlfriend many years ago. I thought they would love it. They didn’t care for it.

20. It wasn’t a very good song. It was really sappy.

21. I used to be pretty sappy. I am now a recovering romantic.

22. I miss Buc-Wheats cereal. Does anybody remember that besides me?

23. My two favorite presidents are Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan.

24. I really hate soccer.

25. I really like women’s beach volleyball.


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  1. Regarding #21: Lately, I am back to being sappy. Sigh….Women…..

  2. Michelle Albritton permalink

    If you are falling asleep in church you might want to try another church or going to be earlier.

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