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25 Random Things About Me VII: The Deathly Hallows

September 25, 2012

1. I have been fired from two jobs in my life. One was just recently, July 19, 2011.

2. I think that the Triple Prime burger from Ruby Tuesday is the best burger made at a chain restaurant that doesn’t have a drive thru window.

3. There is a family that I look upon with great affection and miss greatly. The family consists of two children so angelic in appearance that I would not be surprised if they sprouted wings; a father more friendly, funny and accommodating than any 10 men put together; and a mother who possesses one of the most beautiful smiles, one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes, some of the gentlest hands and who is also the giver of the world’s greatest hugs. Due to my personality flaws I brought disfavor upon myself with them and hope that one day I can spend time with them again.

4. If I had my pick of jobs I would first choose international playboy.

5. My second choice would be a successful, professional and independent writer of fiction and non-fiction.

6. I did not cry when my dad died.

7. I always thought I would.

8. I did not cry at my dad’s funeral.

9. I think of my dad every day.

9. I probably have about 500 CDs.

10. They are stacked high on a tower and scare me that they may one day fall.

11. I often wonder what my friends really think of me.

12. I am closed-minded.

13. I am self-centered.

14. I think my right profile is better looking than my left profile.

15. I think it’s weird that I have compared my left and right profiles.

16. I no longer want kids because they’re really noisy and I have very little patience with them.

17. The last girl I dated messed me up because she had a two year old son.

18. After we stopped seeing each other I was more upset over not being able to see the kid than I was about not seeing her. I almost cried over that kid. He called me “Daddy” once and told me he loved me.

19. I will not date any more women with kids.

20. I like going on nature walks.

21. I like air conditioning much more than I like going on nature walks.

22. I was not terribly upset after my firing last year.

23. I’m not if I ever want to get married.

24. I prefer sleeping alone.

25. I am shallow and am most often attracted to women because they’re pretty. Surprise!


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  1. Pertaining to number 3: I have since hung out with that family, but only once. We are not back to how we once were.

  2. izzie permalink

    Humm i will say you need a woman to kick your ass 😛 and for you dad talk to him now i am sure he looking over you

  3. Michelle Albritton permalink

    # 3….so sad Rob!
    #6..why didn’t you cry? Do you ever cry?
    #24….are you serious?

    • I haven’t cried in over 20 years. And yes, I do prefer sleeping alone. I can actually sleep that way.

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