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September 21, 2012

No face but mine should you see

When you wake in your hospital bed.

I should be the one there beside you

Holding your hand and wiping your head.


I can’t help but worry about you

All alone and so far away.

You tell me that I shouldn’t worry.

You tell me that you’ll be okay.


That’s not enough consolation

With the distance between us so great.

A three hour surgery, twenty hours rest

And all I can do is to wait.


I’ve known you for only a short time,

But your importance is utmost to me.

Please recover, and quickly, mon agneau,

For without you I cannot be.


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  1. Michelle Albritton permalink

    oh my….hope she is okay.

  2. Very emotional poem. I will pray for your friend.

    • Thank you. She’s doing better. She’s still taking pain meds which make her nauseous and dizzy, but she will be better soon.

  3. izzie permalink

    still love this poem

  4. izzie permalink


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