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Logan and the Leprechaun

September 19, 2012

Logan went to the park
With Mommy, Daddy and Shane.
The park was close to home,
Just a little down the lane.

The rain had just stopped
And the sun was now shining.
The park was clean and bright.
Neither child was whining.

“How could the day
Be better?” thought Lo.
Just then, out it came,
A beautiful rainbow!

The kids were excited
By the colorful bow.
They wanted to touch it.
Their mommy said “No”.

“You can’t touch a rainbow.
It’s not really there.”
“You can try and can try,
But it’s sunlight and air.”

They walked from the rainbow,
But Logan just knew
She could touch the rainbow,
Her big plan then grew!

When Mommy and Daddy
And Shane were not looking
She snuck to the rainbow!
Her plan was now cooking!

“I’ll go to the end
Of the rainbow!” she thought.
“I’ll find what I’ve heard.
A giant gold pot!”

She stepped towards the rainbow
And to her delight
She touched and then climbed it!
It was there! She was right!

It was soft like a cloud,
Like walking in heaven.
She counted the colors, “one, two, three
Four, five, six, and seven!”

After skipping, then walking,
She neared the far end.
She spotted a glow
As she slid down the bend.

She landed on both feet
At the foot of a pot.
“A pot full of gold!”
Well, that’s what she thought.

“Wrong! Yes you are!”
She heard a voice say,
“Gold you’ll not get,
But wishes you may!”

There was a small man
With an old walking cane.
“He’s so little” she thought.
“He’s smaller than Shane!”

“Roy G. Biv is my name,
Leprechaun by trade.
Each wish will come true,
For three wishes made!”

“So what do you wish for?
What’ll it be?”
Logan thought for a moment,
“Well, let me see…”

“I want to be…
The world’s greatest pianist!”
The leprechaun shrugged
And then flicked his wrist.

“The world’s greatest pianist
Is what you shall be.
That’s one wish you’ve made.
One of just three!”

Logan was famous.
She was known far and wide.
Of her concerts and records,
She was bursting with pride!

But she wasn’t quite happy.
Something was missing.
She called on the leprechaun
For her new, second wishing.

“I thought I’d be happy.
Piano is cool,
But I want to win medals
In an Olympic size pool.”

With her second wish granted
She won every medal.
“The World’s Greatest Swimmer!”,
But she still felt unsettled.

She had played the piano
For Presidents and Kings.
She had swum the world’s fastest.
She had done many things!

But she still wasn’t happy.
How could this be?
Her wishes came true.
“What’s the matter with me?”

Just then it hit her!
The missing was found!
She had done wondrous things
With no family around!

“I miss my mommy,
Daddy and Shane,”
She cried and she cried.
Her tears fell like rain.

She called on the leprechaun.
The leprechaun knew,
“Would you like your third wish?
You’ve made only two.”

“I wish I was back
With my family at home.
Wishing is nothing,
If wished all alone.”

The leprechaun granted
Her third wish and finally,
Logan was back home,
Happy, with family.


From → Short stories

  1. I love this story written like a poem. You are very talented, Rob!

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