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25 Things About Me II: The Wrath of Khan

September 19, 2012

1. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man.

2. My first crush was Jaclyn Smith from Charlie’s Angels.

3. My favorite cop show is Adam-12.

4. I love dogs and cats, but don’t want to clean up after any animal.

5. When I was a little boy my favorite book was The Poky Little Puppy.

6. I bought a copy of it a few years ago.

7. I belong to 4 different book clubs: The History Book Club, The Quality Paperback Club, The Children’s Book of the Month Club and The Conservative Book Club.

8. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.

9. I lived outside of Atlanta for a couple of years, from ’80-’82.

10. I have dated black, white, Hispanic and Asian women. I’m an equal opportunity dater!

11. I used to like Barack Obama, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter.

12. I now like none of them.

13. My first Presidential election was the 1992 election. I voted for Bush.

14. My first Gubernatorial election was in 1994. I voted for Bush.

15. Both of the two previous actions were part of a losing effort.

16. I have never been on an airplane.

17. I have never been on a motorcycle.

18. I once got a 103 on a college paper about D-Day.

19. I attended casting calls for 2 movies. I was not called for an audition.

20. I am not scared of death, but only a slow, painful death or being stuck in a nursing home, wasting away.

21. I portrayed Thomas Jefferson in a 2nd grade play.

22. I was in a literacy parade in 2nd grade in Lewisville, NC. I portrayed one of the 5 Chinese Brothers.

23. I own every episode of the original Star Trek, the original The Twilight Zone and the original The Outer Limits. I also own the complete series of the Star Trek cartoon.

24. I used to be very good at doing celebrity impersonations.

25. I haven’t cried in over 20 years.


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