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Following the Leader

September 7, 2012

     Once upon a time there was a little boy. We will call him “Robbie”. He and his second sister decided to play “Follow the Leader”. His second sister was the second of three and he was the only boy; a sure sign of a future being bossed around by women. On this particular day however, Robbie was the boss, or “the Leader” as the game goes.

     Since it was a warm, spring day Robbie was dressed in shorts and his well-loved cowboy boots, a popular clothing item in the late 70’s, when our story takes place. It had recently rained quite heavily, and for a long time. Since Robbie and his sister lived in a new house, there was not yet any grass in the yard so they began to play in the slick street, near the muddy front yard.

     Robbie, being the leader, and an adventurous boy to boot, slogged on through, into the mucky quagmire of Flanders Street : shorts, boots and all. Not following behind him was Julie, the second sister. Not being a dummy, she wasn’t going into that mud! Being the leader, he shouted at her, “I’m the Leader! You’re supposed to follow me! Ya chicken!” he soon found out why she didn’t follow the Leader. He stepped, and could not step again. He tried lifting his right foot. SLORP! Stuck! He tried lifting the left foot. CHUCK! Doubly stuck! The harder he tried to get out, the further his beloved cowboy boots got stuck in the muddy morass. SLORP! SLORP! CHUCK! CHUCK! Stuck! Not being able to move, he chose the next thing. He screamed and cried at the top of his lungs.

Julie, the disobedient participant in the game of Follow the Leader, ran inside to get their mother as a crowd began to grow outside in front of their house. Their mother ran outside and…… began laughing hysterically. She ran back inside and called Robbie’s regular babysitter, Carol, to come help free him from certain muddy doom. Carol rushed over with…… in tow! She snapped away, as Robbie screamed and cried for help. Help eventually came and Robbie was saved from the jaws of certain mucky destruction. His boots were never the same again.


From → Short stories

  1. Dan Darty permalink

    Ah, come on! Now I want to see the photo Carol took!

  2. Dan Darty permalink

    Ah, come! Now I want to see the photo Carol took! Such a literary tease!

    • I’ll see what I can do. I haven’t seen the picture in over 30 years. Carol kept it, thank God!

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