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You and…Me?

If a man deserved a woman like you,
That man would not be me.
I’m so much less than extraordinary,
And that’s how your man should be.

You outclass me in every single way –
Those conceivable, and those that are not.
If people could see the two of us,
They’d be shocked by who I got.

You’ve become my own guardian angel –
Dispensing your love and charity.
And though I often aggravate you,
You somehow stay in love with me.

I know you’re really too good for me,
So I hope your standards stay low.
I probably shouldn’t be writing this,
Because then you’re bound to know


Happy Valentine’s Day

“You could do better”,

I tell you quite often.

I should just stop so,

Your resolve won’t soften.


You tell me you love me –

The most glorious sound –

And I feel like a king

Who’s been recently crowned.


The way that you love me –

No one’s done it better.

You’ve topped everyone

Right down to the letter.


And there’s no one I’ve loved

That I’ve loved more than you.

You’re beautiful, my angel.

You’re my best friend too.


As long as I live

I’m yours all the way.

I love you so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


I don’t know where we’re going.

I don’t know where we’re bound.

But one thing’s sure and certain –

I’m not lost. I’ve found

Your love.

I Love You As You Are

I love you as you are –

That face that stills my heart.

That smile that makes it beat,

Still every time we meet.


The way you love me so,

How we each hate letting go,

When we hold each other tight,

And talk sweet late at night.


The way you hold my hand,

The way you understand.

The way you kiss my lips,

When my hands caress your hips.


These things and many more,

Are what I love you for.

Please never let me go,

Forevermore I’ll love you so.


You and Me

I feel like I’m 12-years-old again –

Giddy, and walking on air.

How could a man as plain as me

End up with a woman so rare?


You say I’m just being mushy,

But you’re to blame, you see,

For long before you came along

I was 100 percent mush-free.


I can’t get enough of the two of us.

Every thought that I think is of you.

I’m not sure how long you will love me,

But I hope you forever will do.


I’m happier now than I’ve ever been –

As far back as I can remember.

And it’s all been happening so fast,

These four months since middle November.


I hope our relationship grows and grows

For years and years to come –

Regardless of silly, little fights we have,

And everything else we’ll overcome.


You say you’re afraid

I want “more”,

But “more” is

Just what I want.

If you knew you

As I do

You would want “more”

Of you too.

I’m Not Going Anywhere

If you’re feeling fat or ugly,

I’ll tell you that you’re neither.

If you tell me that you’re stupid,

I’ll say you’re not that either


If you ever need some milk,

Or some eggs, or bread from the store,

I’ll stop there on my way home.

It’s really not a chore.


If your head is feeling achy,

Or your shoulders are in pain,

Lean back and let me rub them,

And let your tensions drain.


If I hear you mention something,

Just any little thing you want,

I’ll go right out and get it,

And then be nonchalant.


If you puke for any reason,

I’ll be there to hold your hair.

Through the storms of any season,

I’m not going anywhere.