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You say you’re afraid

I want “more”,

But “more” is

Just what I want.

If you knew you

As I do

You would want “more”

Of you too.

I’m Not Going Anywhere

If you’re feeling fat or ugly,

I’ll tell you that you’re neither.

If you tell me that you’re stupid,

I’ll say you’re not that either


If you ever need some milk,

Or some eggs, or bread from the store,

I’ll stop there on my way home.

It’s really not a chore.


If your head is feeling achy,

Or your shoulders are in pain,

Lean back and let me rub them,

And let your tensions drain.


If I hear you mention something,

Just any little thing you want,

I’ll go right out and get it,

And then be nonchalant.


If you puke for any reason,

I’ll be there to hold your hair.

Through the storms of any season,

I’m not going anywhere.


There’s a little freckle-face –

She’s cute as she can be.

I greatly admire her,

And hope she admires me.


She’s really soft and sweet.

Why hide it? Heck if I know!

She likes to seem real tough,

Like the thick skin of a rhino.


She hates to hear her voice –

She thinks it’s chirpy and high,

But I delight at every note.

When I hear it I could fly.


Her smile gives me pleasure,

And makes me warm inside.

I can’t get her off my mind,

No matter how hard I’ve tried.


My time that’s spent without her

Seems long and uneventful.

I love our time together,

But apart I feel resentful.


Wherever it is that she is

I want to be in that place.

I just can’t get enough of

My little freckle-face

To Dream of You

I tell myself to dream of you

Every night before I sleep.

Our time together is too short.

More memories I want – to keep.


But dreams don’t seem to obey me,

And I haven’t yet seen your face.

The dreams I’ve seen until now

Could never quite take your place.


I spend all of my waking hours

Just daydreaming solely of you –

Of our lengthy conversations –

Of the things we two could do…


One day my dream of dreaming

About you will finally come.

To my constant and nagging pleas

My dreams will finally succumb.


Ladybug, ladybug, where will you land?

I wish it would be in the palm of my hand.

I’d hold you, and pet you, and spend everyday

Admiring your spots, and you’d not fly away.


Ladybug, ladybug – cute, little thing,

Good luck and good fortune to me you would bring.

I’d reward you with gifts, and happy you’d be.

You’d never regret not flying from me.


Ladybug, ladybug, stay with me still.

This one sole request I request you’ll fulfill.

I’ll keep you forever here close to my heart,

I’d lose more than friendship if ever we’d part.

Spinner of Tales

Oh, ye spinner of tales!

Your life sounds so inviting!

What thrills your life avails!

It all sounds so exciting!


Why stop with just one tale,

When more tales can be told?

Why seem so safe and stale,

When your brain is oh so bold?


The first tale – barely plausible.

By two I highly doubted.

The third made it just impossible,

And your duplicity was outed.


I won’t correct your lying,

Your tales make you feel unique.

But inside I know you’re crying,

And your self-respect is weak.


Anxiety and stress –

I like to keep mine low.

I like to just relax,

And keep things nice and slow.


But others whom I know

Are much too over-stressed;

“There’s too much I must do,

It must be NOW and it must be BEST!”


Like Atlas forever holding

The world on shoulders high,

They bear too many burdens,

And their worries multiply.


Your life at work and home life –

The two should never meet.

Leave work back at the office,

Vice versa and it’s complete.


Take time for all the small things.

Don’t take on quite so much.

Enjoy your friends and family,

Picnics, movies, games, and such.


Eliminate all of the drama,

Or do the best you can,

‘Cause stress can be a killer

That even fault lines understand.