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The Georgia Voter Law Did Not Suppress Votes

Take a look here, as National Review details:

My Life’s Bad

After ten years on the job
My pink slip is in hand
There's not much that's more deflating
To the ego of a man
I cannot take a handout
It's not in my DNA
I don't know what I'll do 
After today

My truck is on her last legs
The engine leaks, the A/C's dead
The sun visor won't stay in place
It always hits my head
I'm still paying on the brake job
That two months ago I had
Things are piling up
My life is bad

My life's bad 
And getting worse each day it seems
It's not living up
To all my hopes and dreams
The more I think about it makes me sad
But I just can't help from thinking
My life's bad

Life might not be so awful
If her love I hadn't lost
She made me like a king
While I was her albatross
She finally stopped believing
In the love I thought we had
I cannot sugarcoat it
My life's bad

I go to bed alone
And then I wake up just the same
For my woman leaving me
I guess I'll have to take the blame
I wasn't living up 
To what she wanted me to be
I'm the root cause
Of my misery

My life's bad 
And getting worse each day it seems
It's not living up
To all my hopes and dreams
The more I think about it makes me sad
But I just can't help from thinking
My life's bad

My waistline is expanding
And my knees are giving out
My ankle's always swollen
I don't know what that's about
I'm starting to become
The spitting image of my dad
He died at 66
My life is bad

My life's bad 
And getting worse each day it seems
I'm not living up
To all my hopes and dreams
The more I think about it makes me sad
But I just can't help from thinking
My life's bad

Yeah, the more I think about it makes me sad
But I just can't help from thinking
My life's bad

Sony Takes a Stand Against China

The column doesn’t state that it was a decisive stand. In fact, it says they considered making the change requested – which is horrifying – but in the end, Sony did the right thing. Screw you, China!

Time Heals All Wounds

Time heals all wounds
Or so I've heard say
So I keep on waiting
For my healing each day

In the meantime there's her -
The wounds she inflicted
Cuz I haven't healed yet
Just like no one predicted

It's over two years
Since she broke my heart
And dwelling on lonely
Just doesn't seem smart

But I'm still in love
Although we're apart
And I can't love again
'Til my healing does start

Time heals all wounds
Though it may seem forever
And death comes to all
So it never takes never
It may take a lifetime
But things will get better
Time heals all wounds
Though it may take forever

We were so happy
At least for a time
The wounds didn't come
Until she changed her mind

Try as I might
I just couldn't please her
She soon became Brutus
To my Julius Caesar


How much more time
Will it take to heal me?
That is an answer
No one can foresee

My thoughts are still 
Centered on her each day
With no sign of healing
Time, take them away


Though time heals all wounds
It is taking forever

A Tough Predicament

It is a tough predicament in which to be. I am a man still in love with a woman who not only no longer loves me, but she is now in love with someone else, and sometimes it feels like she doesn’t care even the slightest for me at all anymore. We still communicate – mainly because I was completely miserable when we had no contact with each other whatsoever. She seemed to be perfectly fine without communicating with me. She has lots of friends, that guy, and never really needed me, I don’t think. She didn’t love me as much as I loved her. She did admit that to me back in November. When she would used to tell me she loved me, I would always say “I love you more”. That would annoy her. But I was right.

Just being able to chat with her on occasion is the only reasonable accommodation I could or should expect at this point, and she responds sometimes. And that has sustained me. I have been much happier since we began chatting again in November. However, she gets annoyed with me messaging her. I think any amount is too much, and she normally puts up with me, but her patience occasionally wears thin and she lets me know it. I still fret over her, and I get concerned about her workload, and whether she is taking care of herself, and how her financials are, etc. I want to be available and helpful whenever I can and however I can. This annoys her. I just love her. This is the only relationship I can have with her. I can’t see her. I can’t talk to her on the phone. I deactivated my Facebook account partially to avoid seeing her posts about the fun she is having without me… All I have is messaging her. And today was one of those days where she let me know I was being too much.

She has had to work a lot more lately due to her office being short-staffed, so she has been working extra long hours. She got home late last night, but has today off. I messaged her this morning to ask how long she got to sleep in – because she had complained of being tired all week and because I know how much she loves sleep – and she let me know that I didn’t need a play-by-play, and that she doesn’t message anyone all day (we used to message each other all day, every day when we were together – mainly because we weren’t able to spend much time together in person). I said “Okay”, and she said she knows that hurts my feelings, and she’s sorry. I said “Okay” again and left it at that. I’ll give her some space now, and not message her for days, like I sometimes do when I feel like I’m annoying her, or when she inadvertently hurts my feelings, and then I’ll eventually be dying to talk to her again. Because, dear reader, she will not message me. I think she would prefer that I never contact her again. She seems to do completely fine without any contact with me at all. I know I’m the wrong one in this – the irrational one, but it still sucks.

The Best Fictional President

I agree with the survey results. Thomas Whitmore is the best fictional president. He literally saved the entire world from aliens! Who you got?

Seneca Falls, NY’s It’s a Wonderful Life Festival

The Crap That Trump Has Wrought

Here is an opinion piece discussing just how bad politics have gotten regarding people who should be on my side, written by someone who is on my side: Mona Charen. These behaviors are what Trump has wrought. Oh, to get back to the principles we Republicans, and especially we conservatives espoused back before that carpetbagging piece of trash with the bad hair switched parties just so he could run for President of the United States of America!

Removing Jefferson

This stuff really pisses me off. The New York City Council is removing a statue of Thomas Jefferson from its chambers. The decision was unanimous. Unanimous! Are these people serious? Is there not one free-thinking person in the whole damn chamber who spoke up to remind the rest of who authored the Declaration of Independence and who ended the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?

A Perfect Football Weekend

This weekend got close to being a perfect football weekend. For me, this extremely rare phenomenon – which has only happened once, as far as I can recall – consists of the following occurrences from college and NFL football combined:

The Florida State Seminoles win

The Georgia Bulldogs win

The Auburn Tigers win

The Florida Gators lose

The Miami Hurricanes lose

The Ohio State Buckeyes lose

The Texas A&M Aggies lose

The Jacksonville Jaguars win

The Chicago Bears win

The Pittsburgh Steelers win

The Kansas City Chiefs win

The Tennessee Titans lose

The Baltimore Ravens lose

The New England Patriots lose

Tom Brady loses

Those last two things used to be the same thing, but now I can’t even like Tampa Bay.