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I saw SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR tonight. It really wasn’t very good. What I liked about the original film, its effects, it being over-the-top, seemed to work against the sequel. Maybe it’s because I’m 9 years older, or maybe it’s because the techniques and style now just seem so stale and cheesy. I’m not sure. The sequel almost seemed like a parody of the original. It was just kind of boring. The one exception being Eva Green, who shows a flair for playing a black widow/femme fatale type, as well as showing off copious amounts of flesh. She shows much more skin than the most chaste stripper ever, Jessica Alba’s Nancy who, after two films portraying the character, never showed herself in less than her underwear or a bikini. Aside from Eva’s assets, SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, can be added to the ash heap of middling, disappointing, comic book-based movie sequels to really fun initial entries, along with RED 2 and KICK-ASS 2.

Lady Across the Way

Lady across the way,

Do you see when I see you,

And play as if you don’t,

But really want me to?


Do you wonder where I’ve gone,

Those times I’m not in sight?

Do you wonder what I’m doing,

Lying alone there every night?


Do you always hope that no one,

Comes knocking on my door;

Reassurance that I’m alone,

For my attention you implore?


Do you often think to visit,

But change your mind each time,

For fear I may reject you,

And ruin the sublime?


Do you picture us together,

On a beach or in a car?

Do your fantasies beguile you?

Do they take us quite that far?


Is our current state quite perfect,

For you the way things are?

Would meeting ruin perfection?

Would that make things too bizarre?


It’s best we keep our distance,

So close, yet far away.

I’ll wonder ‘til forever,

Oh, lady across the way.

Watching Westerns

Oh, to ride along the prairie
With Randolph Scott or Don “Red” Barry,
Would not be customary
In real life.

But in the movies we can do it.
Our fantasizing won’t eschew it.
Our western watching we intuit
Eases strife.

We can escape our daily grind.
We can relax and just unwind,
‘Cause in our western films we find
A better life.

Whether it’s pokin’ ‘cross the plain
With Gary Cooper or John Wayne,
Our favorite heroes all remain
In westerns rife.

The Friend Speech

“The Friend Speech” again…
Yes, I’ve heard it before.
You may have heard it too,
But I’ve heard it much more.

Girl after girl,
It’s always the same.
The only things different
Are the girl’s face and name.

“You’re such a good friend.
I’d hate to lose that.”
The common code-words for
“You’re too ugly or fat.”

That may not be true,
But merely sour grapes,
While they date the good-looking,
And the muscle-bound apes.

It’s possible I’m wrong.
It could be something more.
It might also mean,
“You’re just too damn poor.”

We Could Try

You say you’re surprised to hear me say
“You have a sexy voice”,
And that I’d spend more time with you,
If you let me have the choice.

You say you can’t believe that I
Could think you were attractive,
But I thought you were upon first glance.
My thoughts grew hyperactive.

The time we’ve spent together
Isn’t much so, I’d like more.
I think I kind of like you,
But with more time, I’ll be sure.

I know we’re very different.
That could be bad or could be good.
But even if we don’t work out,
We could try. I think we should.

The Single Life

I used to want love.

I used to want marriage.

I used to want to push

My kid’s baby carriage.


But all that has changed.

They’re not what I want.

My attitude now

Is quite nonchalant.


I do not want kids.

I don’t even want pets.

Both things would add

To my dwindling debts.


I like flying solo.

I want to be alone.

I answer to no one.

My time is my own.


I’m set in my ways

And old now, to boot.

I’m so old that some

Call me “cranky old coot”.


That’s fine, ‘cause I’m happy

Just being with me,

Self-centered, self-absorbed,

Self-obsessed though I be.


So have fun with your kids,

With your husband or wife.

I love being single:

My preferred way of life.

The Great Jacksonville Fish and Chips Expedition- Day 4: Beachside Seafood in Jacksonville Beach

Tonight I went to dinner with Kate Winthrop at Beachside Seafood. It is about a block or two south of Beach Blvd, on Third Street, on your right if you’re going south. We pulled into the tiny little parking area right up front and I parked all slanted in the narrow space, and then we walked up the stairs to the second floor dining area. Right as we walked in the great smell of multiple seafood dishes hit me. It was extremely pleasant.

I ordered the fish and chips, of course, and Kate got the blackened mahi sandwich with fries. We didn’t have to wait long before our food arrived. The fish was one large fillet laid across a bed of fries in a basket. The helping seemed a little smaller than I imagined it would, but no matter. It was only $11.99.

There was no doubt that the fish and chips were fresh from the fryer because I ’bout near burnt my mouth on the first bite of fish. I decided to let the fish cool off a little bit and had some fries. The fries were fairly thin crinkle fries. My first one was a little too salty, but the rest weren’t quite so salty. I’m not a huge salt fan. I rarely ever add salt to anything. They were obviously previously frozen fries, but they tasted fine. No major complaint there. Kate then gave me one of her hush puppies. Yummy. It was pretty good. It wasn’t too mealy. It had a nice consistency and flavor. With two bites it was gone.

After having a few fries and inhaling the hush puppy, I went back to my fish. Beachside makes their fish and chips with cod, which is the fish typically used. I blew on it a little to cool it off a little bit more and took a bite. It was pretty good. The fish was moist and mostly firm. It didn’t fall completely apart. Only at the end did the last section become unbuttered and fall apart. Though the fish did taste pretty good, not bland, the batter did taste maybe a little greasy, like maybe it had fried too long. That may seem odd considering how quickly it came out to me, but the batter did have that kind of flavor.

Overall, the fish was pretty good, if not a little too greasy-tasting, and the fries were fine. I actually preferred the company to the food as Kate was very pleasant to talk to and quite pleasing to the eye.

Rating – 3 out of 5 Gills



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